Cover Image for the 2024 New England Mineral Conference, showing a beautiful multi colored tourmaline cluster in pinks greens and blues. The text next to it says - The 9th Annual New England Mineral Conference, May 17-19, Newry Maine, at the Grand Summit Resort Hotel and Conference Center at the Sunday River Resort. Pre-register by may 3, 2024 and save. Dealers, contact us! Featuring lectures, presentations, displays, exhibits, banquet, dealers' wing, hospitality suite, auctions, field trips, tech talks and more

Annual Conference 2024

The New England Mineral Conference (NEMC) is an annual event where everyone is encouraged to showcase the diverse wealth of New England minerals and those that study, mine, and collect them.

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Annual Summer Tailgate

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Calling for volunteers and vendors! Expanded activities area for kids, non-collecting mine tours, foods, vendors, rock talk, and more.

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Throughout the year we are involved in an expanding set of events to highlight the worlds of mineralogy and geology.

Geoscience Portal

A wealth of state-by-state information – not just geology, but meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy as well! Things to learn, see, watch, do, visit, etc.

A group of like-minded mineral miners, collectors, enthusiasts and scientists have collaborated to form the New England Mineral Association (NEMA) in order to reach out to everyone in New England (and beyond) who is interested in the mineralogy found in this area of the country. Our goal is to bring everyone together, to share information and knowledge and to learn from each other in the process.
Whether a beginner or a professional, everyone is welcome!