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Dealers are welcome at NEMC, and we encourage you to attend. We set aside a block of dealer-only hotel rooms in one wing of the Conference Center, where you can set up your displays and items in your own room(s). You have to mechanically move your own stock and equipment to your rooms from the parking lot. There are elevators. You will not be allowed to use any hotel carts, so bring your own dollies or hand carts. Be prepared....

You will be responsible for any room damage, so please be particularly careful moving items around, and replacing them where you found them. Thank you!

We are planning on Security for this Dealer Wing, where no one will be allowed in the wing unless they have a Conference Name Badge. All Dealer Room Occupants and/or any helpers must have a NEMC Name all must to get one. There are no exceptions!

When you register for the Conference, please include your business card or at least the name of your business to include it on your name badge. We will have a sign for each room to keep signage uniform.

The last Dealer Rule of the Conference is that you may not be open for business during any of the talks during the lecture events on Saturday...your door must be closed. However, if a customer comes to your door and knocks, you may allow them in and do business behind closed doors. This Rule will be enforced by our Security team.

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Dealers Need to Know

You can deal in anything related to minerals.


You are responsible to book your own reservation for a hotel Dealer Room. For hotel reservations call 1-800-207-2365.

Please contact Steve Foden once you have reserved a room.


Grand Summit Resort Hotel & Conference Center
See for location and directions.
No separate dealer registration fee is required, however ALL dealers must register for the Conference.


NEMC asks all dealers to help support the event ... either by a cash donation, or a donation of mineral specimens for the NEMC Auction. As a non-profit, such donations are tax deductible.