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On the third day of the Conference registrants who have paid for the Mineral Collecting Field Trip will meet at the designated location for a day of collecting. In general, this will be at a site closed to the public. However, there may be a choice of two locations, and there may be a limit imposed upon on how many people can attend by the location owners ... so register early.

For security and logistical reasons, the NEMC Field Trip location(s) will not be announced until Saturday during the Conference.

It is important to note: this Field Trip is only available to NEMC Registrants who have registered for the conference, and paid for the Field Trip.

Special Field Trip Rules:

PLEASE READ ... These will be enforced!

  • Registrants must wear NEMC name-badge!

  • Registrants may not bring non-registrants to the Field Trip.

  • NO Commercial Collecting Allowed!

  • NO bulk-bucket collecting at all - 2 bucket limit.

  • No mechanical equipment is allowed. Hand tools only (up to shovels and sledge hammer).

  • Hand Sifting Screens only - 24" sq. max.

  • If location owner restricts an area, you will not collect in or approach that area.

  • No climbing on quarry vertical walls, buildings, equipment.


May 16, 2021


Open only to NEMC Registrants who have paid the extra Field Trip fee.

NEMC Special name badge must be worn.


To be announced at Conference.


Paid at registration time.

NOTE - Children high school age and under:

Free. However, you must purchase Optional Lunch if they desire one.

Even though children high school age and under can attend the Conference & field trip for free (and with an adult), be careful about allowing young and inexperienced children on the field trip. These are hazardous places! We are leaving the decision up to the parent, but you are responsible for them in the field. Let us know when you register them if they will attend this event. All other rules, common sense and conditions apply (see left).

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