MAY 14, 2021
9am - 2pm

At Sunday River Grand Summit Resort & Convention Center

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May 14, 2021


Education Day is a no-fee opportunity to learn hands-on about geology and minerals. Based primarily on the geology of New England, anyone who comes will learn what may be just inches to a few feet below where they are standing. This area produces some of the most exciting rocks and minerals to be found. We encourage you to bring your students for the day. There are over 20 different education stations from finding and identifying rocks and minerals, to faceting rocks into gemstones, to microscopes where you can see small minerals, and an area where you can get the chance to sluice for your own minerals. Your students will be involved in hands-on, interesting, and fun activities that educate in a memorable way.

New England is rich with mineral and gem resources. What better way to learn about Earth Science, and New England’s special gems and minerals than spend a day at the New England Mineral Conference Education Day designed especially for students? Students can:

  • Pan for gold
  • Sluice for minerals
  • Experience rock collecting first hand
  • Learn how to identify rocks
  • Watch gems being cut & polished
  • Look at beautiful micromount minerals under a microscope
  • Hear the stories of mineral collectors
  • Experience what a mineral pocket looks like & how it is formed
  • See rocks that glow under ultraviolet light
  • Learn about fossils
  • Learn the ways our landscapes were formed
  • Learn how to grow crystals

All this, plus displays by some of the best mineral collectors and mineral dealers in New England. The dealers will have displays that can be viewed for educational purposes and some specimens that will be affordable for students if they want to start their own mineral collection.

There will also be a scavenger hunt for participants, so teacher and students are encouraged to bring pencils and clipboards for each small group.

We look forward to seeing you and your students on Education Day. Please feel free to contact us HERE with any questions or other special needs you may require for your group.

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