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Organizations, Conferences, Workshops, Camps, Trips

  • Poland Mining Camps : Our primary business is to cater to the needs of the pegmatite mineral collector, enthusiast or geologist, whether as individuals or as a Group. Our customers have exclusive access to famous pegmatite quarries and are allowed to collect mineral specimens, study the geology and enjoy the opportunity unavailable to the general public. Day and multi day trips to locations closed to the public.

  • Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground : Sort through a bucket of premium material from a local Western Maine mine! Learn to identify local minerals including black, green, blue, and watermelon tourmaline, quartz crystal, garnet, lepidolite, and aquamarine beryl! Hunt for treasure with the whole family, friends, - even parties! Great introduction to Maine minerals and rockhounding Valuable mineral identification experience. Expert staff on hand to enhance the experience

  • Dig Maine Gems : Dig (fee dig) for local Gems and Minerals. Screen material relocated directly from Mt. Mica. Go on field trips to famous local gem mines. Keep what you find!

  • New England Mineral Association (NEMA) : NEMA (501c3) works to introduce and support the fields of mineralogy and geological sciences in New England through educational, scientific and recreational divisions. We reach out to everyone interested in the mineralogy found in this area of the country with a goal of bringing everyone together, to share information and knowledge…and to learn from each other in the process. Whether beginner or pro, everyone is welcome at our varied events. To learn more, you can find us on Facebook . You may also ask to be added to our e-mailing list for periodic notifications of events by contacting us at

  • New England Mineral Conference (NEMC) : An annual weekend-long event where everyone is encouraged to showcase the diverse wealth of New England minerals and those that study, mine and collect them. Features an Education Day for students Grades 3-12, speakers, exhibits, dealers wing, auctions and a banquet.

  • NEMA Tailgate Mineral Sale : Annual fall family-friendly event hosted by the New England Mineral Association historically held at the Havey Quarry in Poland, Maine where mineral and mineral-related vendors sell their merchandise. Non-collecting tours of the Havey are conducted throughout the event and food is available to purchase. This is an opportunity to buy direct from many of the local miners.

  • Pegmatite Workshop : Attend a unique, week-long opportunity to workshop the topic of granite pegmatites with five expert pegmatologists and other registrants of the same interests.

  • Bryant Pond/UMaine 4H : Rock Hound Camp

  • The Maine Solar System Model : Aroostook County, in Northern Maine, a 40 mile (64.6 km) long scale model of the solar system, at a scale of 1 mile equaling the distance from earth to sun. The model extends along Route 1, between the University of Maine at Presque Isle campus and the Houlton Information Center at the end of I-95. The model has ten major components, those being the sun and the nine planets from Mercury to Pluto, with moons for Earth, Saturn, Jupiter (4) and Pluto.

  • Maine Waterfalls

  • Maine Waterfall Loop

  • Maine Natural Wonders Road Trip

  • Mineral Collecting in Maine

  • Explore Maine Geology

  • Coastal Maine Geopark : Coastal Maine Geopark is not like a typical "park" - it is a living landscape where local community members come together to promote education about the geological heritage of coastal-Downeas Maine at selected Geosites. You can explore these 37 Geosites to learn about the 600 million-year-old story written in the rocks and how these geological features are the foundation for biological diversity, archeology, cultural heritage, and on-going community projects today.

  • Geologically Interesting Places in New Hampshire - You will need to scroll down the page to get to this section.

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