Maine Geoscience Portal

This page is dedicated to all who are inspiring wonder in the next generation.

This website is a work in progress and managed by Jeff Morrison  ‚Äč in association with the New England Mineral Association. The site was designed to help expand and bring awareness to the geoscience field. My love is with minerals and because of that there may be some bias; I won’t apologize for that.
One of the reasons for putting this site together is that there is a tremendous amount of information scattered across the internet. Unless you know what you are looking, and exactly how to hunt for it, it can be difficult to find. 

Some sites can also be difficult to navigate. There is not much I can do about some of that, but in some cases I have put links to areas that I think are interesting inside a website to make them easier to locate.

If you see where we can make this page easier to navigate, I am open to suggestions. If you know of more pages that would possibly be beneficial to this site send me a link and if I agree it is beneficial, I will add it. 

I take no responsibility for any of the inaccuracies on some of these sites. While some of these sites are updated frequently, many may go years with being checked by the original creator. If it might involve going to one of the localities or an event, I would highly recommend double checking with times, availability, and access. 

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