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Dunton Quarry

●  The Dutton Gem Quarry

The story of the discovery of the fabulous 1972 find of more than one ton of gem tourmaline in the Dunton pegmatite, including some of the best watermelon
crystals and slices from North America.

Webber, Karen L., Simmons, W.B., Falster, A.U. (2020). The Dunton Gem Quarry Mineral Monograph No.20, Rubellite Tourmaline Rouge. Lithographie Ltd, Arvada,
Colorado, 144p.

Many thanks to Gloria Staebler for permission to post this article from the book.

●  Rubellite Tourmaline Rouge

●  MINDAT – Dunton Quarry

Hint for using the Mindat website: Look for the photo section on the top left of the page (in the banner under the mine location name). It will have photos of many of the minerals that have been found at the mine. You can also scroll down the main page for the mine and it will have a list of all the minerals that have been found at this location.