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Free Online Readable Books

●  Maine’s Treasure Chest: Gems and Minerals of Oxford County

by: Jane C. Perham

This is one of my favorite books on Maine Minerals. Much has happened in the mining community since this book was written in 1987, but almost all the recent mining has happened in the existing locations written about by Jane. Jane has witnessed many of the significant discoveries in the local quarries and captured some of the history for us to be read and enjoy. Thank You, Jane, for sharing your knowledge and allowing us to share it.

●  Maine Mineral Localities:  third edition 1998

by: W.B Thompson, D. L. Joyner, R. G. Woodman V. T. King

A great book for many reasons, listing many localities, what you might potentially find there, pictures, and driving directions. Please note this book is over 20 years old and collecting status for localities has probably changed. Please always contact the current landowner before venturing onto private property. The best advice for accessing many closed localities is by joining a mineral club and taking part in their arranged field trips.

●  Mineralogy of Maine Volume 1: Descriptive Mineralogy

by: Vandall T King and Eugen E. Ford

●  Mineralogy of Maine Volume 2: Mining History, Gems, and Geology

edited by: Vandall T. King

●  The History of Mount Mica

by: Augustus Choate Hamlin

●  The Tourmaline

by: Augustus Choate Hamlin

●  Geology of the Pegmatites and Associated Rocks of Maine

by: Bastin, Edson S.