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Power Point Presentation: Tourmaline Discoveries at the Havey with Jeff Morrison – Maine Mineral and Gem Museum; Tourmaline Turns 200 Lecture Series

Jeff Morrison Oral History for the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum

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Stories from the 2013 Mining Season by Cross Jewelers

Chance Blast Reveals $100,000 in Gems and Makes Tourmaline Mine Treasure Store – Boston Sunday Post, September 4, 1910. A fun highly sensationalized article about Havey’s big tourmaline find from over 100 years ago. Realize that Havey made so much money from this venture that he leased out the feldspar rights to the Havey so that he could go mine feldspar in Topsham, ME(sarcasm). Nobody mined feldspar for fun as it was just a means of getting a small amount of cash for a lot of hard labor. Tourmaline gemstones were not a big item at that time and that was where the values they were using came from. They also didn’t understand that the gemstone yield would actually be a very small percentage of the original find.

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Tourmaline “Find” Stirs Maine Miners – Boston Globe October 24, 1910. Another fun, very sensationalized article about the Havey.

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Description of a Suite of Tourmaline Crystals – by George R. Howe. Describing some of the crystals from the 1910 era find.

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Morphology of Recent Havey Quarry Elbaites, by R. Peter Richards and John Rakovan. Some ‘tourmaline’ science you might find interesting.

More information and resources

  • MINDAT – Havey MineHint for using the Mindat website: Look for the photo section on the top left of the page (in the banner under the mine location name). It will have photos of many of the minerals that have been found at the mine. You can also scroll down the main page for the mine and it will have a list of all the minerals that have been found at this location.
  • Chronology of the Havey Mine (PDF)
  • Havey at the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum – Definitely the best place to see what the Havey has to offer and the rest of Maine’s fabulous collections of minerals and gems. They also have one of the premier collections of meteorites on the planet. There are pieces of the Havey around the whole museum. From outside in the rock garden, in the draws of the Discovery room, the jewelry store offers pieces with Havey tourmaline for sale, the pegmatite diorama was based on the Havey, the blasting video was filmed at the Havey, you might also recognize my voice yelling Danger Danger Blasting Blasting, there is a polished slice of pegmatite showing what the pegmatite looks like around the pocket area, an abbreviated version of my mining history at the Havey, in the Modern Mining Section there is a case with video and many of the great specimens that we have found along with some of the beautiful gemstones that have been faceted from our finds, plus some treasures in other areas of the museum.
  • Havey at the University of Arizona Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum, Tucson – This may be a little out of the way for most, but Tucson is the center of the Gem & Mineral world for several weeks in February during the annual show. A new and beautiful world class museum which we feel honored to be a small part of. On display from the Havey is a fine collection of gem quality crystals and plenty of cut gemstones along with some associated videos.
  • Havey at the Smithsonian – use the ‘search’ box – input “Havey” and see what comes up!
  • Havey Tourmaline at Harvard; Photo
  • Cross Jewelers SparHawk Maine Tourmaline – product page with video at top
  • Havey Tourmaline Bracelet by Derek Katzenbach (video)
  • “The Thrill of Discovery” – An Interview with Jeff Morrison of the Havey Quarry by Sara J. Powers (PDF)

Photos – In Action at the Mine

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Photos – Close Ups!