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Maine Mineral Mines & Stories that surround them

All these mines are privately owned and closed to the general public. Some of these mines are available to dig at through mineral clubs, Poland Mining Camps or Dig Maine Gems.

Mines & Quarries

●  Havey Mine

●  Mt. Mica

●  Mt. Marie

●  Porcupine Hill

●  Orchard Pit Mine

●  Brimstone Mountain

●  Mount Rubellite

●  Dunton Quarry

●  Howard-Collins Quarry

●  Consolidated Quarry

●  Mount Apatite East Mining District

●  Mount Apatite West Mining District

●  Emmons Quarry

●  Intergalactic Pit, Deer Hill

Stories & Resources

●  History of Maine Tourmaline by Cross Jewelers

●  Maine Rock Stars – Oral Histories 

By and for the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum

Mineral & Gem Museum sat down with over 40 miners, scientists, jewelers, and collectors, each telling their own story so as to help capture the history before it is lost.

●  Tourmaline from Achroite… to Verdelite, with Skip Simmons

Maine Mineral & Gem Museum; Tourmaline Turns 200 Lecture Series

by: Karen Weber