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Mount Apatite East Mining District

●  Mount Apatite Park

The Mt. Apatite quarries were important producers of commercial feldspar in the early 1900’s. They played a prominent part in Maine’s mining history. During the course of this mining activity, rare minerals and colorful crystals of green and pink tourmaline were found in both the Greenlaw and Maine Feldspar Quarries. These quarries also produced many large crystals of transparent smoky quartz. The complexity of the mineral assemblage at Mt. Apatite is matched by only a few other localities in Maine.

●  MINDAT – Mount Apatite East Mining District

Hint for using the Mindat website: Look for the photo section on the top left of the page (in the banner under the mine location name). It will have photos of many of the minerals that have been found at the mine. You can also scroll down the main page for the mine and it will have a list of all the minerals that have been found at this location.