Rock and Mineral Clubs

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While many field collectors enjoy the solitude of going it alone, for the seasoned rockhound and beginner alike joining a mineral club is an enriching experience.  For many collecting locations, also, access is only allowed for organized and insured groups.  For convenience and camaraderie sake, it’s probably best to start with the group that meets most locally to you, but rockhounds often end up belonging to multiple groups.

A typical meeting will start with conducting the business of the club, followed by welcoming new members, an educational presentation, folks showing off their favorite finds, and refreshments.  It’s a good opportunity for getting the most up-to-date information on accessible collecting locations, to learn more about the hobby, and to swap and purchase specimens direct from the person who collected it.    Most clubs also take pride in putting on an annual Show for the public, featuring local mineral dealers and jewelers, mineral displays, and often offering educational activities for the youngsters.

 For a list of local Mineral Shows, please visit the Portal’s Places to See New Hampshire Minerals section.

•  Southeastern New Hampshire Mineral Club

This group meets in Dover, where they also put on their annual Show. Their members collect throughout the region. You can also find them on their Facebook page.

•  Saco Valley Gem and Mineral Club

This Meeting in Tamworth, this group is very active in the White Mountains and Western Maine collecting areas.  The also maintain a Facebook page.

•  Keene Mineral Club

This club meets in Keene, and is very active in Cheshire County and northern Massachusetts.   You can find out more about them at their Facebook page.

•  Capitol Mineral Club

This group meets in Canterbury, in central NH, and holds their annual Show in Concord.  You can also find and engage with them on their Facebook page.

•  Presidential Gem and Mineral Club

Located on the upside of the White Mountains, this venerable group meets in Gorham, NH.  They do not maintain a website, and it’s best to learn about and contact them through their Facebook page.

•  Geological Society of New Hampshire

A group of professional geologists, geologists and people interested in geology whose purpose is to advance the science of geology and the geologic sciences as a profession in New Hampshire.  They also maintain a Facebook page.

•  New England Mineral Meet-up

This group manages all their joint collecting efforts through their Facebook page, and conducts frequent local field trips, mostly in New Hampshire.

•  New England Rockhounds Meet-up

Headquartered just across the border in Kittery, ME, this group doesn’t meet anywhere, but is a cooperative of Rockhounds from all over New England, for the purposes of organizing collecting trips.

•  Micromounters of New England

If you have a taste for tiny and perfect specimens, especially rarities, this group could be the haven you seek. They meet in Chelmsford, MA, and can also be found and contacted on their Facebook page.

•  Fluorescent Mineral Society

Though the website headquarters is based in Illinois, this group of Fluorescent Mineral enthusiasts encompasses the whole nation, with contact people in every region of the country.  The Northeast has a very active sub-group.  You can also check in on them on their Facebook page.