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When you follow Geoscience-related pages and groups on Facebook, you can count on interesting articles and videos popping up in your feed daily!  You can make interesting and helpful connections, and be always adding to your understanding of Geoscience.

New Hampshire

•  Capitol Mineral Club

•  Saco Valley Gem and Mineral Club

•  Southeastern New Hampshire Mineral Club

•  UNH – Earth, Oceans & Space

•  NH Gold Prospecting

New England

•  New England Mineral Association

•  Rockhounding New England

•  New England Mineral Meetup

•  New England Rockhounds

•  Micromounters of New England

•  New Nampshire, ME, NY and VT Rocks

•  Collectors of New England Minerals

•  EFMLS (Eastern Federation of Mineral and Lapidary Societies)

Rock & Minerals

•  Fluorescent Minerals

•  The Rockhound Connection

 Mineral Specimen Identification Room

 Mineral Archives

 Amature Geology and Mineral Collecting

 Where to Find Rocks

 Rocks and Minerals Magazine Page

 Rocks, Fossils and Mineral Identification


•  Geoscience

•  Loud Planet Geoscience

•  Minor Miner Report

•  Geology Love

•  Geology Wonders

•  History of Geology

•  Earth Story

•  Earth Science Week

•  Geology Page

•  Amazing Geologist

•  American Geophysical Union

•  US Geological Survey

•  NASA Earth

•  Earth Science Picture of the Day

•  Planetary Landscapes

•  Paleo Joe

•  Climate Science from NOAA


•  National Association of Geoscience Teachers

•  Geoscience Education Division of the Geological Society of America

•  Geoscience Education

•  Earth Science Education

•  GeoEtc

The upshot is… there are many good groups and a lot of good material out there to find and tap into.