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Before you go exploring, you should keep in mind that there is a wealth of information online that can help you in your learning and collecting experience.  Mineral Clubs may have archived newsletter references to a favorite Dig site; each state’s office of the Geological Survey is all about making available decades of accumulated data, tools, maps and reports; and magazines and professional journals share personal experiences and latest research results.  Here are just a few of what is findable.


•  Historic Maps available through the New Hampshire Geological Survey

•  Explore Lidar imagery for a detailed look at New Hampshire terrain

•  Topo Zone: Topographic Maps of NH

•  Expert GPS: Topographic Maps of NH towns

•  Topto Maps: Topographic Maps and Aerial Photos

Free Downloads, Printables and eBooks:

•  Gold in New Hampshire

•  Treasured Minerals, by Russ Behnke

•  Free to Read Online: The Geology of New Hampshire

Free Downloads, Printables and eBooks:

•  A Field Guide to Mineral Collectors (article) (humor)

•  Some Pointers on Mineral Collecting in New Hampshire (article) Rocks and Minerals

•  Rockhounding in the Granite State (article) NH Magazine

Online Data:

•  Mining in New Hampshire