Some Historic New Hampshire Mines

?.   Return to New Hampshire Geoscience Portal has a very comprehensive listing of the minerals which can be found in New Hampshire, thanks to the hard work of Tom Mortimer and friends.

For an eye-opening look at just how many different locations are involved,  click here to see a list of New Hampshire mineral quarries and prospects on the website.

We highlight a few of the more significant sites below.   Please note that these locations are included for historical/geological reference only, almost all of these are on private property, and therefore should not be visited without permission from the owner.

 Even for those on public lands, there will be rules restricting what can be done there.   For current information on collecting access it’s best to consult a local mineral club.  Some helpful info on open locations is included in the ‘Start Your Own Mineral Collection’ section.

mining icon Beauregard Mine, Alstead, NH Article Photo Gallery

Recent mining operations

mining icon Beryl Mountain Mine, South Acworth, NH article Photo Gallery

A famous speciman from Beryl Mountain

Beryl Mountain Quartz as JFK Federal Building façade

An article about Beryl Mountain from 1918!

Beryllium used in atomic bombs

mining icon Black Cap Collecting Area, Conway, NH Photo Gallery

Hiking instructions for Black Cap Mountain Trail

mining icon Chickering Feldspar Mine, Walpole, NH article Photo Gallery

mining icon Gilman Notch, Ossipee, NH article Photo Gallery

Comprehensive article on Ring Dike Geology of Ossipee Mountains

mining icon Government Pit, Albany, NH article Photo Gallery

mining icon Ham and Weeks Quarry, East Wakefield, NH article Photo Gallery

Video from collecting trip

mining icon Hurricane Mountain Location, Intervale, NH article Photo Gallery

Short video of highly collectible Arfvedsonite crystal

mining icon Iron Mountain Mines, Bartlett, NH article Photo Gallery

The hike up Iron Mountain, including collecting area

mining icon Lovejoy Pit, Conway, NH article Photo Gallery

A mineral collecting story from the “Googd Old Days”

mining icon Mascot Mine, Gorham, NH article Photo Gallery

Viedo of the hike, mine & collecting area

mining icon Moat Mountain Locations, Conway, NH article Photo Gallery

Typical miarolitic cavity

From the White Mountain National Forest official site

Fast forward video to the collecting site

Another account of collecting at Moat

mining icon Palermo Mines, Groton, NH

Palermo #1 article

Palermo #2 article

Palermo Gallery on

One person’s trip to the mines

The Pegamite Mines Known as Palermo – online free reading

mining icon Parker Mountain Mine, Strafford, NH article Photo Gallery

mining icon Rice Mine, Groton, NH article Photo Gallery

mining icon Ruggles Mine, Grafton, NH article Photo Gallery

Breif History of Ruggles Mine

The Ruggles Mine Gallery

Uranium and Gummite from Ruggles…Radioactive!

mining icon South Baldface Locality, Chatham, NH article Photo Gallery

mining icon Tripp Mine, Alstead, NH article Photo Gallery

An account of a fun trip by WCGMC of New York

Recent workings by Toveco

New Owners setting up to allow club digs

Photo gallery from IDigRocks

mining icon William Wise Mine, Westmorland, NH article Photo Gallery

Video of Wise Mine specimen

Some pictures of the mine