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Listed below are not only distictive geology and mineral displays you can visit in New Hampshire, but also those in other states which feature chice specimens from here.

•    Woodman Museum

In Dover, NH

•    Wise Mine Fluorite

At the Smithsonian, Washington, DC

•    McAuliffe/Shepherd Discovery Center

In Concord, NH

•    Vermont Museum of Mining and Minerals

In Grafton, VT

•    Maine Mineral and Gem Museum

In Bethel, ME

•    Mineralogical and Geological Museum

At Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

•    Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

In Dover, NH

•    The Nature Discovery Center  (Fossils)

In Warner, NH

Other Locations and Online Galleries

You can also browse images of New Hampshire Mineral Specimens from your armchair!

•    New Hampshire Mineral Species  – at, click on each mineral listed

•    Almost 2500 photos of NH minerals  – at, a gallery

•    The Smithsonian Geogallery  – photos of mineral specimens from around the world

•   Mineral Specimens from New Hampshire  – photo galley by John Betts, mineral dealer