Places To Visit

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There are many places in New Hampshire you can visit to see Geology up close and personal.

Evidence of the Power of Glaciers:

•   Most Glaciers in NH were Alpine Glaciers. Next time you ride through the White Mountains, see how many signs you can see of the passage of glaciers. (3:49)

•   Tuckerman Ravine is a glacial cirque.

•   Polar Caves from boulders off the mountains, dropped by glaciers as they melted.

•   Madison BoulderLargerst Known ‘Glacial Erratic’ in North America.

•   Franconia NotchCarved out by a glacier moving between the mountains.

•   Flume Gorgethe sides show differential erosion by glacial meltwater runoff.

•   The BasinA large, swirling Pothole scoured out of the bedrock by glacial melt.

    Definition of Pothole – the landform, not the road hazzard.

•   Glacial Caves at Loon (video) Fun to explore.

•   Lost River Gorge  More glacial boulder caves.

•   The Geologic Wonders of New Hampshire  (11:53)

•   Old Man of the Mountain  (5:08) 

•   The Day the Old Man Fell  (7:45) 

Evidence of Volcanic Activity:

•   Volcanoes in New Hampshire 

•   The Ossipee Mountains are the skeletal remails of a massive volcano.

•   This Field Trip Guide by the NH Geological Society explains Rign Dike formations.