Stories of New Hampshire Miners

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New Hampshire has tough bones.  It’s not for nothing that it’s called The Granite State.  When you work the hard rock for mineral riches; when you wander the wild woods and scour the high places, you will end up with stories to tell.  These are the folks who know what’s out there, how to find it and bring it home.

Wayne Corwin

•  IDigRocks About Page

Don Dallaire

•  His story as recorded by the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum

•  Topaz in the New Hampshire White Mountains

Jon Herndon

•  Thirty-Three Years of Mineral Collecting at Folsom Gulch

Tom Mortimer

•  New Hampshire Minerals

•  Rock and Minerals article on Chickering Mine

•  The Future is Made of Rare Earth

Peter Samuelson

•  Photo from

Jim Tovey

•  Toveco Home Page

•  2017 Gilsum Show talk

•  WMUR video, Mining for Gemstones

Bob Whitmore

•  He literally wrote the book on Palermo mines

•  His contributions to Mineralogy

•  About the mineral named after him – Whitmoreite