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The New England Mineral Association - a 501(c)(3) - Annually we reach well over 4500 individuals, primarily students, with information and education about the wealth of minerals in the New England area.

Only with your support through participation, volunteering, and financial assistance can we maintain the great success we have experienced in the last few years. Added to our Conference and Education Day, our Events page highlights the many ways we reach out to our greater community throughout the year.

How Can YOU Help?


Whether you participate with NEMA as an individual, a representative of an organization, government employee, school, or group, we value your joining with us to share our passion for minerals, geology and mining.
We are making a concerted effort to have Mineral Clubs from every New England State participate and have representation at the New England Mineral Conference. Only then can we display the full array of all our states have to offer to our communities in regards to the mineral and geology worlds.
We would love to have clubs display your own State’s minerals at the Conference and/or possibly offer to give a lecture about your State. Please contact Jan regarding general participation (), Jeff regarding giving talks () or Don Dallaire regarding displays ()


We need your help! Everyone has some kind of skill or talent, and perhaps you would like to offer your services free of charge as a volunteer, or as an in-kind donation. Maybe you are a lawyer or security professional, accountant, good with displays and exhibits, great at hospitality, or have computing or organizational skills in staffing for events.

Perhaps you'd like to volunteer in various administrative and operational aspects throughout the year, in writing and graphic design, in going into classrooms with presentations about minerals, in event set up and clean up, and in helping to spread the word on what's going on.

If you have a particular skill or passion that you'd like to utilize in helping NEMA, please contact Jan Morrison or Jeff Morrison to discuss possible ways you can help at an event.


Financial Gifts - Be they immediate one-time, sustaining or legacy gifts, we are appreciative of any and all financial donations to the organization. Contributions are tax deductible and may be sent to NEMA, PO Box 33, East Poland, ME 04230. Please check with your tax accountant regarding specifics on deductions for donations. And, Thank you!

Item donations for auctions - We are in need of mineral-related items (i.e. specimens, books, collecting and display tools/supplies, gems) to offer at our silent and live auctions. Proceeds from the auctions will go directly to support of the Conference which help keep down the fees to attend the Conference.


There are numerous projects being currently supported and planned by NEMA including the following:

Help produce a high quality conference each year

Support volunteers at events (typically by feeding them if the event crosses over a mealtime)

Production of some high-quality educational videos for the Geoscience Portal

Provide supplies and equipment needed at events

Tents for poor weather during events

A sluice and a trailer to take it on the road

Paying for space at venues

Support for people going into the classroom and or a local geological site and giving a talk/making a presentation

Funding for buses to transport students to a locality such as a geological site, museum, NEMC, etc.

Installing or improving permanent, temporary, or traveling displays at schools, colleges, museums information centers, malls, etc.

Funding of interns for NEMA

Working with schools to increase the Research Poster contest

Write and publish a book on New England mineralogy for students. Make this available for free through bulk inexpensive printing and through free downloads

Work with schools and homeschoolers to provide or augment their science curriculum on Maine geology. Expand to other states in New England in the future

Set up a program to help Scouts earn the geology-related merit badges

Provide a quarterly e-newsletter and email updates to important events

Mini education day at different localities: Maine Wildlife Park, local fairs, local schools

Promotion of 200 years of mining tourmaline in Maine

Setting up workshops for teachers

Initiate and support mineral clubs for students

Provision of additional education stations for the conference

We have some ambitious goals to expand our education outreach and have some major projects in the planning and/or initial stages. Increased financial support will help make these come to fruit much sooner!

We are pleased with the participation and response we have enjoyed in these past years and the friends and connections we are making in the process. We are even more excited about the direction of NEMA and the Conference. Please help to continue the success with a donation to the New England Mineral Association. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jeffrey Morrison, President
New England Mineral Association
18 Levine Road
Poland, ME 04274-5642


New England Mineral Association


  • Jeffrey Morrison - president
  • James Nizamoff, MS - vice president
  • Don Dallaire
  • Sean Sweeney
New England Mineral Association
18 Levine Road
Poland, ME 04274-5642



New England Mineral Association
18 Levine Road
Poland, ME 04274-5642
Jeffrey Morrison - NEMA President

Jan Morrison - NEMA ED

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